Natural ways to tackle hay fever during pregnancy with family GP, Dr. Shireen Emadossadaty

For millions of people in the UK, the spring and summer months can mean only one thing, hay fever! Battling a runny nose, an itchy sore throat and irritated eyes can leave sufferers dreading those long sunny days, with many left feeling exhausted and understandably fed up!

Living with allergies like hay fever can be especially problematic during pregnancy, as hormonal changes can make you more sensitive to allergens and worsen symptoms of nasal congestion.

Photo of Dr. Shireen Emadossadaty

Eye-watering insights

New research by Fusion® Allergy reveals that only 1 in 3 pregnant women report taking some form of allergy relief product during their pregnancy to help ease their hay fever symptoms, with a quarter stating that battling symptoms all of the time stopped them enjoying their pregnancy all together!

Nearly a third said they felt there was a lack of information around what allergy relief products they could or couldn’t take, and over 40% didn’t think pregnant women were allowed to take anything at all.  As a result, a quarter felt they were forced to stay indoors to avoid symptoms, and nearly a third said it left them checking pollen counts before heading outside.

Whilst hay fever can be problematic for pregnant women, it is important to know that hay fever is not dangerous to mum or baby, and reassuringly, there are safe and effective allergy relief products available to help women experiencing hay fever symptoms enjoy their pregnancy (and their summer!).

Natural protection for you and your family

The FUSION® Allergy range helps to protect you (and your little ones too) from allergies, without the need for drugs or preservatives. It contains 100% natural ingredient Ectoin, with its water rich properties that create a physical shield to actively block allergens and prevent allergic symptoms whilst soothing the eyes, nose and throat.

Being preservative-free and drug-free, FUSION® Allergy Nasal Spray is safe to use during pregnancy whilst also being suitable for family members of all ages too.

Hacks to pollen-proof your day

Daily life can feel like a struggle when you’re suffering with hay fever symptoms, but these little hacks can make a big difference when it comes to preventing and reducing hay fever symptoms this summer:


**Dr. Shireen is working with FUSION® Allergy to provide expert advice on hay fever and promote the FUSION® Allergy range of products.

**Whilst the majority of products in the FUSION® Allergy range are suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, FUSION® Allergy Eye Spray is unsuitable for use during pregnancy. Always check with you GP before taking any new medication or speak with your pharmacist about allergy relief products that are safe during pregnancy.