Help block allergies in their tracks with Fusion Allergy

Protect yourself and your family against the symptoms of allergies with Fusion Allergy. It’s made with Ectoin®, a naturally occurring ingredient. Fusion Allergy works like a shield, stopping allergy symptoms before they begin.

Hold it right there!

Ectoin® says ‘hasta la vista’ to allergens. Here’s how…

The key ingredient in the Fusion Allergy range is Ectoin®. It’s a natural molecule that’s anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic.

Ectoin® is produced by micro-organisms that live in harsh, dry places like deserts. Its water-rich properties create a physical shield, actively blocking allergens.

That’s how this natural alternative helps to prevent allergic reactions and symptoms and soothe the eyes, nose and throat.

Five great ways to feel the shield of Fusion Allergy

Made with Ectoin® to protect you from allergy symptoms naturally.

Fight back against seasonal allergies with these hints and tips

Targeting hay fever? Here’s the plan.

Don’t let hay fever stop you spending some quality time outdoors. With a bit of planning, your summertime can be a whole lot more enjoyable in the open air.

Getting to know the pollen calendar will help you to prepare for the appearance of symptoms. 

The pollen season can begin as early as February. It usually drops-off in September, but can sometimes continue into the winter months. Symptoms are most common in summer, when tree, grass and weed pollens peak.

It’s worth checking daily pollen counts too. The amount of pollen in the air tends to spike during the morning. So plan your day so that you spend time outdoors in the afternoon or early evening when pollen counts are usually at their lowest


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Allergen Symptoms

Impose a strict admissions ‘pollency’ at home.

It’s well worth it. Because a pollen-free zone will give you some precious relief from symptoms like puffy itchy eyes, a runny nose or a sore throat. Here’s six things to try.

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms To Look Out For

Seasonal eye allergies?

Here’s Fusion Allergy’s three-step way to a better day.

The secret? CCH: Cleanse-Cool-Hydrate!

Step 1: Cleanse

Soothe itchy, red eyes and remove pollen from eyelids at home or on-the-go with an eyelid wipe.

New Fusion Allergy Eyelid Wipes with Ectoin help wash away pollen and protect against future exposure.

For throat and mouth irritation

For puffy or inflamed eyes

Step 2: Cool

Relieve swollen eyelids with a cooling eye mask. Simply remove from the freezer and say goodbye to puffy, itchy eyes.

The Fusion Allergy Cooling Mask is easy-to-use and reuse.

Step 3: Hydrate

Soothe red, itchy, watering eyes with a preservative-free eye drop or eye spray.

Fusion Allergy eye drops and eye spray are made with Ectoin® to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties to soothe your symptoms.

For allergic conjunctivitis symptoms

For allergic conjunctivitis symptoms